Each year, the National Pork Board (NPB) conducts a survey to assess producer support of the National Pork Checkoff programs and spending. The random-sample telephone survey helps NPB officers and staff understand what pork producers think about pork industry issues that the pork checkoff addresses.

NPB conducts the survey as it is responsible for managing pork checkoff funds and programs, which are allocated to three areas: research, education and promotion.

Mike Wegner, NPB’s vice president of communications, reports the key findings in this year’s survey include:

  • Pork producers are very satisfied with the way things are going in the pork industry, with 76 percent saying things are generally on the “right track.” Only 16 percent said things are on the “wrong track,” with the remaining 8 percent having no opinion. Wegner points out that the “right-track number” is the highest in the last 10 years and exceeds the previous high set in 2006 by 12 points.
  • When asked if they support or oppose the pork checkoff, this year’s survey showed the highest support ever, with 82 percent saying “yes” they supported checkoff, and only 8 percent opposing it.
  • Regarding producer image, 58 percent said that they believe the public has a positive image of pork producers, with 20 percent saying that they suffer a negative image.
  • When asked how they believe their image compares to others in production agriculture, they say pork producers’ image is much better than poultry farmers, but worse than organic farmers, as well as that of corn and soybean growers. For beef producers, the results were 14 percent better, 24 percent worse and 59 percent the same. For dairy, 11 percent better, 19 percent worse and 64 percent about the same.

    You can find more details on NPB’s survey in the spring issue of Pork Checkoff Report magazine, or click here.