Pro Livestock Marketing is launching the first comprehensive online sales portal for livestock and breeding stock. has designed a virtual sales barn that will allow people to buy and sell cattle, swine, sheep, goats, horses, rodeo stock, show animals, specialty animals, semen and embryos across the country and internationally. The site will help increase opportunity for ranchers, farmers and animal breeders by eliminating geographic boundaries and connecting buyers as sellers directly online.

"It's like an eBay for livestock," says Erik Meier, PLM president. "If farmers and ranchers want to remain profitable and grow, our industry needs to better utilize the technology that is available to us. Pro Livestock allows a rancher in Texas who is trying to downsize his herd due to drought, to connect with as many potential buyers across the United States and Canada as possible, quickly and cost effectively. It's a simple networking and sales tool that keeps agriculture moving into the future."

Meier is a fourth generation grain and cattle farmer in Altamont, Ill., With 80 head of Angus and crossbred cows on his own farm, Meier is looking at ways to make his own operation more efficient and sustainable for the future.

"For decades, my family has bought and sold cattle in Central Illinois. To date, all our transactions have taken place within 50 to 100 miles of our farm. Technology allows us to remove geographic constraints and market our products all over the US and across international boarders," he adds. allows sellers to post their products by category, a description, a photo and a video for potential buyers to review. By creating direct relationships, products sold are delivered directly to buyers ensuring less processing time and a cleaner bill of health.

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Source: Pro Livestock Marketing