A farm in Washington is now feeding marijuana and vodka to their pigs.

“We are feeding our pigs marijuana now. We’re calling them pot pigs,” says William von Schneidau, a butcher and owner of BB Ranch. The BB Ranch is a butcher shop and restaurant located in Seattle that specializes in "natural, organic and grass-fed meats."

Putting “weed to the feed” as von Schneidau puts it is new for the Bucking Boar Farms of Snohornish, Wash., where he sources his pork.

However, this isn’t the first time they’ve added something strange to their ration. Bucking Boar Farms has been feeding vodka to their pigs for a while, but adding marijuana happened as a result of Washington’s decision to legalize the drug this past year.  

Top Shelf Organic, a medical marijuana cooperative, needed someplace to get rid of their stems, leaves and root bulbs, which are by-products from growing marijuana that are not typically utilized. They found a happy home for the by-products in the Bucking Boar Farms’ swine feed and it helped add more fiber to the pigs’ ration.

The first chance that customers got to taste the pot fed pork was during a special five course dinner hosted in March.  A plate at the Pot Pig Gig cost customers $120.

More pot pig dinners are being planned and the upcoming Nose to Tail Pig Fest is currently set at a price of $109, but no date has been set yet.