In the USDA’s latest “Livestock Slaughter” report, pork production in May totaled 1.9 billion pounds, down 1 percent from May 2012.

Hog slaughter was also down 1 percent from last year, totaling 9.22 million head. The average live weight followed trend, reported 1 pound lower than in 2012 at 266 pounds.

Commercial red meat production for the country totaled 4.15 billion pounds in May, down 1 percent from the 4.18 billion pounds produced last year.

Beef production and cattle slaughter also dropped slightly from last year.  Click here to read the report.

Hog futures proved less vulnerable to the broad commodity drop on Thursday. By midday, extreme seasonal strength in both the cash and wholesale sectors, as well as considerable upward momentum in Chicago prices, boosted the CME swine contracts.  July hog futures rose 0.20 cents to 100.17 in Thursday morning trading, while December gained 0.10 cents to 82.50.