Between dubstep commercials about bacon, hamburgers comprised of bacon and Sonic’s new Peanut Butter and Bacon shake, it’s obvious that Americans love pork.

While a bacon milkshake shouldn’t be a staple in anyone’s diet, pork products can be a part of a healthy diet.

Adria Sheil-Brown, manager of nutrition communications and research for the Pork Checkoff, says, “Pork is a nutrient-packed powerhouse that does double-duty to keep pace with today’s busy families.”

Pork contains a huge amount of protein, and lean pork products, like pork tenderloin, is as lean as a skinless chicken breast. It is filling and helps control food cravings—from the mid-morning munchies to the midnight snack. Lean pork, when eaten while dieting, can help preserve muscle mass during weight loss.

So while the media spotlight might be on unhealthy (though delectable) pork products, it’s important to remember that lean pork has an important role in a healthy diet.

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