Move over steak, there’s a new offering on the Golden Corral restaurant menu. The chain added tasty new pork entrees to its Endless Lunch and Dinner Buffets during a recent promotion.

“Our guests love the variety of pork options available at every Golden Corral restaurant, and we’re constantly looking to enhance the buffet dining experience,” said Dolly Mercer, Golden Corral’s marketing, consumer promotions and national events manager. The National Pork Board has been working with the chain and has provided “an invaluable resource as we define new, innovative pork products to test,” she added.

Golden Corral is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and its buffets that offer a variety of flavors and options. It emphasizes home-made, fresh food. That’s proving to be a natural fit with pork’s versatility and value. The new pork menu items range from regional BBQ to Golden Corral’s popular pork roast. The restaurant also is using bacon to up the flavor level to vegetable side dishes, from green beans to cabbage.

“Pork is a high-quality product that offers a tremendous value,” said Beverly Lynch, Golden Corral’s vice president of food and beverage. He emphasized that Golden Corral purchases the raw commodity and cooks the pork to accommodate the variety of applications and recipes for its restaurants.

“We don’t buy prepared foods and are proud to feature home-cooked, baby-back ribs, flame-grilled pork ribs, boneless ribs, fresh-off-the-grill pork chops, pork steaks and more,” he added.

Buffets like Golden Corral offer a great way to help move thousands of pounds of pork, said Howard Greenblatt, NPB’s national foodservice marketing manager.