According to the USDA's "Livestock, Dairy and Poultry" report, the United States imported more than 77 million pounds of pork in October, an increase of almost 16 percent compared with a year ago.

Most of the increase is attributable to Canada, the primary source of pork imported into the United States. Imports from Canada increased almost 15 percent over October 2012.

Imports were also higher from other important foreign sources of imported pork: Denmark (+14 percent), Poland (+50 percent), and Italy (+25 percent).

Mexico was the only important source of imported pork whose shipments were lower in October: 6 percent less than a year ago. It is likely that higher imports are the result of tight red meat markets in the United States.

Attractive U.S. pork prices are likely serving as a strong magnet, pulling U.S. imports to year-over-year higher levels.