The Pork Checkoff is inspiring pork’s biggest proponents, one little pin at a time, thanks to the astounding power of Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online community that allows people to “pin,” organize and share images, photos and videos that appeal to them. Launched in 2009, Pinterest has grown to more than 20 million users, according to, and it’s now the third most popular social networking site, behind Facebook and Twitter.

“The popularity of Pinterest has really taken off in the last year, and this social media tool is opening up a whole new audience to us,” says Pam Johnson, consumer communications director for the Pork Checkoff.

The vast majority of Pinterest users are women, and many share food photos and recipes, says Johnson, who noted that the Pork Checkoff was one of the first brands to tap into the power of Pinterest via
“Pinterest offers a powerful way to connect the Pork Checkoff’s messages with consumers. It has also excelled at driving traffic to our websites since we joined Pinterest in January of 2012,” adds Johnson.

To build even more social media momentum, the Pork Checkoff has added a Pinterest tab on the upper right hand corner of the Checkoff’s Facebook page.

“When fans click on this Pinterest tab, they can see the boards and pins we have curated on our Pinterest channel,” notes Johnson. “This makes our social content more visible to fans who may not know about our other social media channels.”

In 2013, the Pork Checkoff is making it even easier for consumers and creative cooks to access all of pork’s social media resources through the new Pork Social Community.

Source: National Pork Board