LINCOLN, Neb. -- In June pork producers and their employees can gain certification in the Pork Quality Assurance Plus Program through webinar sessions across Nebraska.

Duane Reese, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension swine specialist, and PQA Plus advisers will conduct the webinar sessions, which are sponsored by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

"Producers are required to be certified in PQA Plus to market their pigs," Reese says. The webinar is for producers seeking initial certification, which is valid for three years, or for those who need to be recertified.

The webinars will cover PQA Plus good production practices to help producers comply with the National Pork Board's We Care initiative, which aims to educate producers on industry ethical principles and animal well-being practices.

The sessions will be shown simultaneously at 7 p.m. June 19 at 10 locations across the state. The locations include:

  • Gage County Extension Office, 1115 West Scott, Beatrice, Facilitator: Paul Hay
  • Holiday Inn Express, 524 E. 23rd St., Columbus, Facilitator: Alan Vynalek
  • Haskell Ag Lab, 57905 866 Road, Concord, Facilitator: Keith Jarvi
  • Richardson County Extension Office, Courthouse, 1700 Stone St., Fall City, Facilitator: Lindsay Chichester
  • Fairfield Inn and Suites, 805 Allen Drive, Grand Island, Facilitator: Dave Harrington
  • Agricultural Research and Development Center, 1071 County Road G, Ithaca, Facilitator: Sara Ellicott
  • Life Long Learning Center, 601 E. Benjamin Ave., Norfolk, Facilitator: Tim Lemmons
  • Dawson County Extension, Fairgrounds, 1002 Plum Creek Parkway, Lexington, Facilitator: Bruce Treffer
  • Cuming County Extension Office, 200 S. Lincoln St., West Point, Facilitator: Larry Howard
  • York County Extension Office, 2345 Nebraska Ave., York, Facilitator: Gary Zoubek

There are no registration fees for this event but pre-registration is required before June 13. You can click here to register or call 402-472-0493.

Source: University of Nebraska