Roasts, casseroles and slow-cooker dishes define cold-weather comfort food, and a new retail promotion is encouraging consumers to satisfy all their comfort food cravings with pork. The Pork Checkoff’s “Be Amazing” campaign, which runs through March, brings new flavors to the table, including Slow Cooker Hawaiian-Style Ribs.

“We’re reminding consumers that pork not only tastes amazing in winter comfort foods, but it’s versatile and simple to cook,” said Patrick Fleming, director of retail marketing for the Pork Checkoff.

To offer more inspiration, the Pork Checkoff’s winter campaign includes in-store posters and meatcase signs that encourage consumers to put a fresh spin on their favorite dishes with tender, juicy pork.

“Consumers can easily create these delicious pork meals at home using Pork Checkoff recipes for Slow Cooker Hawaiian-Style Ribs, Vietnamese Noodle Bowls and more,” Fleming said.

Marketing Mix Keeps Pork Top of Mind
Pork Checkoff  advertisements are showcasing the pork food photography and recipes that are featured in the winter retail promotions. Also, the Pork Checkoff’s first-quarter online advertising highlights the new Pork Social community at
“We are very excited to announce our new Pork Social community through our advertising,” said Laurie Bever, director of consumer advertising for the Pork Checkoff, who noted that the online banner ads offer $1 off fresh pork and encourage viewers to vote for their favorite recipe. “The banner ads engage with pork fans and bring them to a website that will allow two-way conversation and sharing of one of their favorite foods.”

The Pork Checkoff’s 2013 advertising appears online on Facebook, the Food Network,,,, and other leading sites.

“Similar to our print and TV advertising, we target a specific audience online, and there are many ways to measure results,” Bever said.

Through 2013, the Pork Checkoff’s retail, online, print and television ads will work together to keep pork top of mind with consumers, Bever added. “The most effective marketing mix is diverse and allows people to hear and see our advertising in multiple places as they go about their everyday life.”

For more information, contact Fleming at or at (480) 732-0737 and Bever at or at (515) 223-2629.