#RealPigFarming, a new social media project from the Pork Checkoff, gives curious consumers an inside look at modern pork production.

According to KRVN Rural Radio, the outreach program hopes to empower the nation’s pig farmers to have meaningful conversations and positively impact consumers through social media. A team of pork producers, animal scientists and ag university students has been selected to help manage the social media accounts and spur discussion.

“Choosing to tell the story of #RealPigFarming via social networks helps bring consumers and pig farmers together in a way that was not possible just a few years ago. In networks that are powered by images and videos, producers can tell their story in multiple different ways,” the Pork Checkoff said here.  

The Pork Checkoff is encouraging everyone with a passion for pork production to share their stories using #RealpigFarming in any social media posts, including status updates, tweets, Instragram photos, and vlogs.

Many in the industry have already jumped at the chance to share their stories, such as PorkNetwork blogger Erin Brenneman, who jumped at the chance to show #RealPigFarming with a great snapshot of a pig kisses:

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