A storm system responsible for hurricane-force winds in the Southwest will spread through parts of the Plains this weekend bringing the season’s first snow accumulation to some areas, according to AccuWeather.com. The storm is expected to bring a narrow band of accumulating snow from eastern Colorado through western Kansas, southeastern Nebraska and parts of Iowa by daytime hours Saturday.

Travel will become tricky during the day Saturday as the snow accumulates. At first, major thoroughfares will likely be slushy. Secondary roadways will become snow-covered and hazardous throughout the duration of the storm. Temperatures Saturday night may fall into the single digits across this region which could lead to a rapidly freezing roadways.

The storm will spread its precipitation from southwest to northeast across the southern Plains beginning late Friday. Rain and thunderstorms south of this snow area will be a welcome sight across parts of the southern Plains.

Interstate 70 through north-central Kansas, I-29 along the Nebraska and Iowa border along with I-80 in Nebraska and Iowa will be just a few of the roadways impacted by the upcoming snowfall.

On Saturday, snow could fall heavily at times from Dodge City, Kan. through Omaha and Lincoln, Neb. Mixed rain, ice and snow will affect a narrow band of cities from the Texas Panhandle to Salina, Kan.

About 1-3 inches of snow is expected from eastern Colorado through northeastern Iowa with a narrow zone of 3-6 inches expected from Concordia, Kan. through Omaha. Some light snow could even accumulate Saturday night a bit farther north over central Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The problem with the interstates and major highways will come Saturday night once the snow ends and a northerly flow of air sends below-normal chill into the central and northern Plains.

Source: AccuWeather.com