Pfizer Animal Health Team Pork has initiated a challenge intended to educate building staff and consumers about pork preparation while increasing pork consumption in the facilities' cafeterias. ‘Love that Pork’ will conclude at the end of October, which is National Pork Month.

Pfizer Animal Health cafeteria personnel are competing to determine which site has the biggest increase in pork consumption over a three-month period. Challengers will also be judged on recipes and their plan to engage consumers to increase pork consumption.

In addition to increasing pork consumption, ‘Love that Pork’ teaches building staff about cooking do's and don'ts, lean and healthy cuts of pork, and health and nutritional information.

"It's a great challenge that has provided information about the healthy aspects of eating pork and information on how to properly prepare and cook it," says Gloria Basse, group director, Pfizer Animal Health pork business unit. "This has been an excellent way for us to celebrate National Pork Month, and this challenge is helping educate others about the health benefits of consuming pork."

Winners will be determined based on the cafeteria with the greatest pork consumption, originality and consumer engagement.

Pork popularity has grown in recent years, part of which is due to pork producers' unyielding dedication to animal health. Today's pork has 16 percent less fat and 27 percent less saturated fat as compared to 1991.

Download the Love that Pork flyer - developed to promote the challenge.

Source: Pfizer Animal Health