Congressman Collin Peterson, D Minn., ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee, lashed out against the budget proposal put forward by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R Wis., saying the budget plan makes it very unlikely that a farm bill will pass this year. 

Peterson has "had it" with the partisan bickering on the budget committee, he told Mike Adams, host of AgriTalk. The Ryan budget proposal would cut $33 billion from ag spending.   

“I can’t see how we can make those kind of cuts...and do it in a way that I can end up supporting it," Peterson said. “They want to hold the military harmless from any budget cuts and I have a real problem with that.”

Peterson cites strong partisanship among budget committee members, on both sides, and says he is ready to sponsor a bill to get rid of the committee. “They’re not necessary, they are not helping anything; they are causing trouble. I’ve had it with that.”