Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., Ranking Member of the U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee, is confident that House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is committed to passing a new farm bill in the lame duck session and cites Eric Cantor, R-Va., House Majority Leader, as a reason for the lack of action on the 2012 Farm Bill. “Eric Cantor and his allies are the holdup," Peterson said.

The comments were made Tuesday during an interview with Mike Adams, host of AgriTalk.

Boehner told Peterson earlier this year that he wanted to do the 2012 Farm Bill in a lame duck session. “Hopefully, we will have an ally in the Speaker in bringing the bill up in the lame duck session.” However, Peterson also says he is concerned about securing the necessary time for the bill’s consideration in that session. “No one knows for sure what is going to happen.”

Peterson also said he is strongly opposed to an extension of the current farm bill when the delayed legislation is raised again in a lame duck session. He will not support any form of extension of the 2008 Farm Bill, even if that means reverting to the permanent legislation. “I think an extension of any kind, for any length, is a bad idea.”

According to Peterson, “a fair number of Republicans” want further reform in the commodity title and the food stamp program, among other issues. “They are all over the map.”

Meanwhile, the House and Senate are not currently working toward a compromise and there are significant sticking points for a bill to get out of conference. If a bill is not passed in the House, Peterson does not think a new bill could make it out of the Senate. “The commodity title will be the most difficult thing,” he said.

Peterson said the lack of outcry from stakeholders is part of the problem with the delayed bill.