Premium Standard Farms (PSF) and the Missouri attorney general announced this week that the final installation of all odor-control devices designated to address a state directive for the company’s pork production facilities is now complete.  

The original effort involving the state began with odors concerns associated with the swine production buildings and involved more than the barn-scraper system.

According to company officials, the implementation of the “Next Generation Barn Scraper Technology” is seven months ahead of schedule. The original deadline for installation in several hundred barns, according to an agreement with state officials, was July 31. PSF, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, reports that the final installation took place on Dec. 29, with costs exceeding $7 million.

“As we got closer to the end, we put a few more crews” to work on the barns, Bill Homann, PSF’s director of administration and compliance, told, St. Joseph, Mo. “As a company, we’re going to need to maintain that equipment. It will be a fundamental part of our business.”

Homann credited the state’s cooperation with the company as instrumental to the project’s completion. “Now that it’s completed, we believe we are setting the standard for environmental technology,” Homann told

According to PSF estimates, the company spent more than $49 million total to install improved environmental technologies, including earlier installations of lagoon covers, manure-treatment facilities and manure-land-application technologies. All of the odor-control efforts were approved by a court-appointed panel of experts. contributed to this report.