There are strategies pork producers can adopt to reduce swine production odor and thereby improve relations with neighbors.

Prevailing winds, tree buffers and biofilters should all be considered to help odor mitigation efforts on swine operations, according to Eldon McAfee, attorney with Beving, Swanson and Forrest, Des Moines.  “If you are considering a location for a new swine facility, start with the best separation distance you can. Pay close attention to the direction of prevailing winds and plan accordingly,” he says.

If your separation distance and other factors are less than ideal, McAfee recommends that producers consider biofilters for odor mitigation. Strategically-placed tree shelterbelts with both fast and slower growing tree species can also aid odor mitigation efforts. “Science shows that tree buffers help reduce odors.”

Clean pigs and clean buildings with effective ventilation systems also play a vital role in minimizing odors, according to McAfee.  

When it is time to agitate manure and land application, let your neighbors know when it will be done. “Be reasonable and if your neighbor is reasonable also, hopefully it will all work out.”