GROWMARK, Inc., is among several corporate sponsors of a new website providing information about nutrient stewardship to farmers based on the 4R's: Right fertilizer source at the Right rate, at the Right time and in the Right place.

The site,, describes the importance of these steps and offers practical advice and information on how to implement a 4R plan.

"Nutrient management is important because nutrients are the second largest input expense in corn production," said Dr. Howard Brown, GROWMARK manager, agronomy services. "Nutrients impact farmers' profitability, they impact plant nutrition and growth, and, if incorrectly managed, can impact the environment."

According to Brown, the 4R nutrient management system was designed to offer individual farmers the flexibility to manage their own crop needs, cultural practices, and equipment requirements while maintaining good stewardship practices.

"The 4R approach allows farmers to use different practices, activities, and products to accomplish the same goal: maximize economic return, optimize nutrient utilization, and minimize environmental impact, and this website helps farmers understand their options," he said.