What’s in a name? Pork, by any other name, would still taste as juicy, but it might market itself better to consumers, says the National Pork Board.

Customers at the supermarket deli won’t find familiar products like the Iowa Chop, Pork Rib Chop Center or the Top Loin Chop anymore. These products, while still available on the shelf, now boast new nametags as a part of the National Pork Board’s renaming scheme.

These new names for pork cuts reflect their more-familiar beef counterparts to inform consumers about the quality of the cut. For instance, the Iowa Chop is now known as the Pork Porterhouse Chop. Its new name also tells consumers to prepare it similarly to a porterhouse steak.

While this name change may confuse veteran pork eaters, the National Pork Board hopes that the new names will help eliminate product confusion and bolster the increasing demand for pork. Pork sales increased 14.3 percent between June 2012 and 2013, so the National Pork Board might be right on the money.

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