Fair Oaks Farms has been a major agri-tourism draw in the U.S. for visitors who are not familiar with agriculture. Since 2004, the Indiana farm has held tours at one of its 11 dairies and helped educate over 400,000 guests per year at The Dairy Adventure.

Recently the farm opened The Pig Adventure and it has been a huge success.

The Pig Adventure held a grand opening on August 5 and prior to that a soft opening happened on July 1. For the month of July, Fair Oaks Farms saw 18,475 visitors to the agri-tourism portion, with many of those guests coming specifically to see The Pig Adventure.

Leah Lentini, assistant manager of The Pig Adventure, shares that people who visit the facility will see three different barns.

These barns include the farrowing barn, the breeding/gestation barn and the gilt developer unit.

While there, guests will see the process of raising pigs including day-to-day farm activities like farrowing, artificial insemination, teeth clipping, tattooing and vaccinating. The facility houses 2,700 sows that can be seen from the second floor via many different glass viewing areas. In all, the farm is expected to produce between 80,000 and 90,000 piglets per year.

Lentini says that everyone she has spoken with after a tour is amazed at everything they learned at The Pig Adventure and they come away excited to bring someone back with them in the future. 

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