JoAnn Alumbaugh
JoAnn Alumbaugh

I am thrilled to be the editor of PorkNetwork and am excited about the new direction we’re developing for the PorkNetwork brand. The pork industry has always been important to me. My grandfather developed a purebred breeding stock herd and exhibited for many years at county fairs and the Michigan State Fair. My father continued that tradition, and sold large groups of boars to outdoor farrowing operations throughout the state. My husband and I produced and sold breeding stock as well, always keeping our focus on the characteristics that we believed were most important to commercial producers.

Our children showed pigs in 4-H, and I’ve worked in a number of different capacities in the pork industry. This position brings my career “full circle,” and I couldn’t be more pleased to work with the outstanding group of people associated with PorkNetwork and Vance Publishing. I appreciate the standard of excellence upheld by those who’ve preceded me, and the level of commitment and energy embraced by those who are helping take the PorkNetwork brand to new heights.

Just as my history is rich in tradition, so is this vibrant industry. The pork industry has transitioned through the years due to market dynamics, economies of scale and recognition of best management practices, but it was built on a solid foundation of dedicated individuals, robust genetics, innovative research and motivational leaders.We would be well-served to remember the past as we mold the future.

Technology allows us to connect with our audience in new ways, and our direction is newly defined:

  • Provide daily news to keep producers, key influencers and personnel with associated agri-businesses informed
  • Highlight cutting edge technology that benefits the industry
  • Build on-line communities to develop meaningful dialogue
  • Engage industry leaders to become regular contributors to PorkNetwork
  • Supplement the online PorkNetwork presence with thoughtful, in-depth articles in the magazine

I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in the next few months and we welcome your input as we work toward continuous improvement.