Nebraska pork producers, along with the state’s farmers and ranchers, are speaking out about their role in agriculture. The effort follows a fresh initiative by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) which has launched a “We Are Nebraska” campaign, asking its supporters to submit photos of themselves and their animals.

“Nebraska pork producers are helping form and support ‘We Support Agriculture’ (WSA), which is a joint effort by Nebraska cattlemen, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Dairy Association, poultry industry and pork producers,” said Larry Sitzman, executive director, Nebraska Pork Producers Association.

‘We Support Agriculture’ was formed in 2011 to defend the responsible animal welfare practices of Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers from attacks by outside animal rights groups, such as the HSUS, which has been making its presence known in Nebraska recently.

“Our officers have given over 45 presentations and 50 media interviews,” said Sitzman. “Their efforts have resulted in resolutions of support from the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce, 12 Nebraska community Chambers of Commerce and six county boards, among others.  As they travel and word spreads, these numbers increase.”

“In addition, we are founding members of the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN),” Sitzman adds.  “AFAN maintains an educational effort to Nebraska consumers and citizens. 

According to watchdog group, “The real issue is HSUS’s anti-agriculture agenda.” HSUS claims it has 51,000 members in Nebraska, according to HumaneWatch.  “Really, there are likely only a few thousand actual HSUS members in the state. is calling on Nebraska farmers and ranchers to submit a photo of yourself with your animals or pets to their Facebook wall to show support for agriculture.

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