As animal rights activists protested Wal-Mart’s support of sow-gestation stalls, one Nebraska pork producer used the opportunity to speak up for her livelihood and industry.

According to a report by the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star, the conversation between hog producer and activists took place earlier this week in Lincoln, Neb. A woman, who identified herself as a Nebraska pork producer named Jackie, confronted two Mercy for Animal activists campaigning against Wal-Mart’s pork supply policies.

After listening to their scripted responses to several of her questions, Jackie pressed further, explaining more about the industry to activists who had yet to even visit a hog farm.

"They're usually not put in crates until they're near birth," Jackie said.

She pressed the issue further, asking activists if it's humane to leave the sows out in the open where they can roll over and crush their piglets.

“I think you need to do a little more research,” she said.

Read Jackie’s full conversation here.