DENVER-- The National Pork Board has decided to contribute $2 million to help fund the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Center.  The decision was made in NPB’s board meeting on Thursday, held in conjunction with the National Pork Industry Forum in Denver.

The “Pig Adventure” exhibit will be designed to offer the public a close-up view of a working, 2,500-sow farm and nursery called Legacy Farm. The pork production facility will be down the road from the Fair Oaks Farms’ Adventure Center, which began in 2004 and focuses on dairy production and products. The complex is and easy drive from Chicago.

Belstra Milling will build, own and operate the 15,000-square-foot pork production unit. Bus tours will take visitors to the facilities where biosecure viewing corridors will provide a look at farrowing sows and litters and daily production practices. An interactive education center, located on Fair Oaks Farms’ main campus, will provide information on other aspects of pork production and its products.

The Pig Adventure Center’s organizers were hoping for $4.8 million from NPB, which would have covered about half of the exhibit’s $9.6 million estimated cost. Under the agreement, NPB will provide $1 million to help start the project, with $1 million more coming once the organizers have secured $7.6 million for the complete exhibit.

One significant caveat is that NPB’s money must be used for education purposes versus the production unit and that NPB has approval regarding the information presented at the center. These requirements are in line with directives for National Pork Checkoff funds as stipulated by the Pork Act, which can only be used for research, education and promotion.

As part of the education center and the overall effort, there also will be web-based and classroom education support pieces, which Indiana Pork will provide $250,000 toward that effort.