Last week, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed SB: 631, which among other things included a provision to penalize individuals who take undercover videos showing animal abuse and fail to turn it over to authorities within 24 hours.

 In a nutshell, the argument centers on if animal abuse exposure and prevention is the mission, then immediate notification is the path to quick resolution.

Specifically, the bill states that employees of animal agricultural operations who videotape what they suspect is animal abuse must provide the recording to a law enforcement agency within 24 hours. Any such recordings must not be edited in any way. An intentional violation of the act is a Class A misdemeanor.

State Sen. Mike Parson sponsored the bill that addressed other issues for agriculture, including allowing livestock breeders, pet owners, and qualifying 4-H and FFA members to exhibit their animals at fairs, shows and exhibitions.

It also clarifies that private schools can organize FFA chapters, but will not receive public funding.

A snapshot of the complete bill is available here.  


Missouri joins a growing number of states that have passed or are considering similar legislation.