Following the posting and review of an undercover video by Mercy for Animals (MFA) taken at a Christensen Farms’ production site, Minnesota Pork Producers Association (MPPA) Executive Director David Preisler said, “MPPA and our members take seriously the ethical responsibility to provide pigs with proper care.”

An MPPA statement points to the Animal Welfare Panel-- an independent third-party panel of animal-care experts—that has reviewed a video taken inside a Christensen Farms’ barn. The panel  found that the pigs are well cared for and there were no signs of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect. Although the panel recommends minor improvements, the report confirms Christensen Farms’ dedication to providing quality pig care, MPPA said.

 “Christensen Farms has a long history of commitment to high-quality animal care and the adoption of animal husbandry practices that enhance pig well-being,” Preisler said.

MPPA believes that individuals who are unfamiliar with pig behavior and recommended care practices are being purposely misled by selectively edited video snippets and unsupported claims of cruelty.

 “Farmers, veterinarians and animal care experts are the best source of information on proper pig care,” Preisler said.

The MFA video was made available via a web link on Tuesday, and tied to efforts to pressure Wal-Mart and Costco into eliminating pork suppliers that use gestation-sow stalls.  Christensen Farms is among the food retailers’ suppliers. Costco on Tuesday sent its suppliers a letter instructing them on plans to eliminate gestation stalls by 2022. Wal-Mart had not yet reacted. MFA is reported to plan to release the video publically on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

According to the MPPA statement, MPPA is a voluntary membership organization and its programs are funded through voluntary contributions from its members.