A ball of lightning killed 171 pigs and injured 100 more at a hog farm in China's Hunan province.

According to Shanghaiist.com, owner Lu Qingsheng estimates the damages from the rare occurrence could cost him as much as US$50,000.

There are five hog barns on Lu’s farm, each housing around 400 animals. The ball of lightning forked into two bolts, racing through the metal handrails of the hog barns.

Lu’s wife, Jun Li, was also injured in the strike.

"The lightning is like a ball of fire," she told reporters. "Many different kinds of colors came into my eyes just after the lightning strike. You need to wait 10 minutes before you are able to see things clearly. My left toe is burned and my foot is bleeding."

The Daily Mirror reported Jun was feeding the animals at the time of the lightning strike. Her foot was touching one of the railings.

"She was blasted off her feet, but is lucky to have survived and not ended up like the pigs,” Lu said.

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