Justice was served in a Canadian court as Martin Grenier, a Manitoba hog producer, was found guilty of multiple animal abuse cruelty and faces a fine of CA$60,000.  Grenier was arrested at his farm last summer when police discovered hundreds of dead hogs. Animal control officers were forced to euthanize more than 100 additional hogs at the scene.

The June 2010 case also found more than 2,000 hogs alive without food or water though feed bins were full. Investigating officers found “clear evidence of severe neglect.”

The barn at the center of the case burned to the ground just days following the discovery.

According to The Toronto Sun, the court heard experts testify that hundreds of the hogs died from manure gas poisoning resulting from inadequate ventilation. Grenier neglected to address the problem. Instead he left the carcasses to be consumed by the other hogs.

Vet staff also found the remains of hundreds of pigs that had fallen through a broken floor and drowned in sewage.

After pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges, Grenier was banned from owning or caring for livestock for the rest of his life and fined CA$60,000.  The lifetime livestock ban is the first use of the new maximum penalty under Manitoba’s Animal Care Act since it was amended in 2009.

"When one talks of maximums it is often reserved for the worst-case scenario. It's hard to imagine a case worse than the one before us today," The Toronto Sun reports Judge Kelly Moar saying during Friday's sentencing. "A message needs to be sent to producers that they must follow the rules."

Karl Kynoch, chair of the Manitoba Pork Council, called the case extremely isolated.

“[Judge Moar| is sending a message that this is not acceptable,” Kynoch said according to The Toronto Sun. “We fully support what he’s saying.”