Students in home economics classes across Kansas are learning how to cook more than quiches and cookies. Thanks to the Kansas Pork Association’s “Pork in the Classroom” program, students enjoy pork preparation as a part of their education.

Funded by a check-off program, the “Pork in the Classroom” program provides educators with free pork to use in home ec classrooms. The donated pork enhances the class curriculum by allowing students an opportunity to learn new cooking techniques and food preparation safety.

Out of appreciation for the “Pork in the Classroom” program, the Kansas Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE) awarded the program with its 2013 award of merit.

“School budgets are very tight,” said Russell Plaschka, former president of KACTE, “and buying meat, protein products gets very expensive.”

Over 40 teachers across the state received $50 gift cards from the Kansas Pork Association to buy pork for their lessons. This next year, KPA hopes to donate twice the amount.

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