John Morrell adds lower-sodium bacon to the company's product portfolio to meet change consumer tastes.

“With more and more consumers looking for great-tasting healthier alternatives, our new lower-sodium bacon offers all the hearty flavor of our regular bacon with 50 percent less sodium – 20 percent lower than our leading competitors’ lower-sodium bacon products,” says Chuck Gitkin, vice president of marketing, innovation and research and development for the John Morrell Food Group.

Morrell uses an all-natural salt replacement to reduce sodium in the bacon without diminishing flavor, to the company reports.

“We have seen strong growth in bacon sales for John Morrell in the past year,” Gitkin adds.

The lower-sodium product is the latest addition to a line that includes Applewood Smoked Bacon, Maple Bacon and Hardwood Smoked Bacon. It, and Morrell’s other flavors are available in 12-oz. packages. Suggested retail price for the lower sodium bacon is $3.99.

Source: John Morrell