January 2014 exports were 442 million pounds, 4.5 percent ahead of January of last year. For the third month in a row, Mexico was the largest foreign destination for U.S. pork products in January.

Exports to Mexico were 124 million pounds, 13.2 percent higher than a year ago. Shipments to Japan were almost 4 percent below a year ago. In comparing unit values of exported U.S. pork products to Mexico and Japan, the January data indicates that the average value of exports to Mexico was $.78 per pound, while exports to Japan were $1.43 per pound.

Exports to Mexico are comprised mainly of fresh bone-in hams, while the bulk of product shipped to Japan is of boned cuts, and such higher-priced cuts as loins and tenderloins.

The average unit price of exported U.S. pork products in January was $1.09. U.S exports to China/Hong Kong were more than 29 percent above a year earlier. This increase is more a function of unusually low shipments in January 2013, than of exceptionally large shipments in January of this year.

In 2013, monthly exports to China/Hong Kong averaged 54.2 million pounds per month. January 2014 exports to China/Hong Kong were “right in line” at 54.3 million pounds.

Source: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry report