Confronting consumers’ changing attitudes about livestock production is a daily challenge for the pork industry. There is no doubt that consumers want to know more about the food they buy and pork producers are needed to help provide answers. 

U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) is a coalition of some 70 agricultural organizations, including the National Pork Board, whose purpose is to help initiate conversations with consumers about modern agricultural production. And they need your help.

“People want to know more about their food, where it comes from, and how it is raised,” says Bill Zucker, spokesman for the USFRA. “Pork producers are the most qualified people to speak to consumers about modern pork production.”

You can help by simply starting a conversation at a community function, a meeting, or at the supermarket. An informative and reassuring voice that addresses concerns among consumers is the most effective way in getting farmers’ message to the public.

Pork producers can exert a powerful influence in educating consumers, according to Zucker. Conversation is a powerful tool and it can be done with E-A-S-E:

Engage- Look for opportunities or connections to engage people in conversations about food production; the chance arises at community functions, the grocery store, social settings, church, clubs and sporting events.

Acknowledge- When concerns are raised, acknowledge them. “I understand why you are concerned about that issue. As a matter of fact, so are we.”

Share- Let people know what you do on your farm that addresses their concern.

Earn trust- Show your intent on continuous improvement and emphasize your accomplishments. Cite your PQA-Plus certification, your site assessment, farm upgrades or your nutrient management plan.

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