GlobalVetLINK (GVL) was honored to have Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey recently visit the headquarters for GlobalVetLINK in Ames, Iowa, in response to an invitation extended by Kevin Maher, founder of GVL.

Secretary Northey first visited GlobalVetLINK in 2008 after he initially took office. Since 2008, the GVL team has grown in both size and technology capabilities. The company is presently making changes that will enable continued innovation of products in the future.

With the current focus on enhancing the GVL portfolio of products, Maher wanted to reintroduce Northey to GVL. During the visit, the GlobalVetLINK team and Secretary Northey discussed the direction of GVL growth in technology and how this growth could aid in making the agricultural regulatory process more efficient and effective.

Secretary Northey mentioned that if a significant animal-disease outbreak were to occur, records would need to be digital. As more regulatory processes are implemented, GVL services could play a significant role in reducing the burden of the necessary regulation for state officials, veterinarians and producers. Recognizing that GVL impacts the agriculture industry in the state of Iowa and nationally, Northey thanked the team for being an important asset to the state of Iowa.

“GlobalVetLINK is another great example of the businesses we have in Iowa that provide vital support to farmers and the agriculture industry,” said Northey. “They have been, and continue to be, a leader in electronic health records and other digital documents. These are great tools and likely will continue to grow in importance as we ensure the safety and health of the livestock industry in Iowa and across the country.”