With cold weather just around the corner, the industry will no doubt see more cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv). PorkNetwork wants to keep you informed of all the newest and most important information about PEDv, and that’s why we’ve added the PED Center at www.porknetwork.com. The articles at the PED Center will be more in-depth and relevant to you as a producer or veterinarian. Technology, research, new products, management protocols and more will be available at the site.

While we know more about PEDv than we did a year ago, and we’ve learned how to minimize its spread through stepped-up biosecurity and transportation protocols, it is likely to be an issue for many producers again this year. In addition, early predictions are calling for one of our coldest winters in years, which could make disease protection even more difficult.

We welcome your ideas, leads and feedback on this new endeavor, and we look forward to providing you with information that will help you manage your herd in this critical time.