Hubbard Feeds announces it has a new and improved website. The site now features profiles of Hubbard Feeds specialists as well as blogs and technical reports from staff members. For example, Dr. Stewart Galloway wrote a blog entitled, “It’s a new age of least-cost formulation,” which explains how swine diets have become an “analysis of not only the lowest cost ingredients, but energy levels and production system strategies. It’s not a matter of ‘can a particular diet be fed,’ but ‘should a particular diet be fed?’”

In addition, visitors can view videos featuring Hubbard Feeds dealers and customers.

“Being passionate about your animals, your business and you, our customer, is a core value of Hubbard Feeds and the driving force behind “Products and Answers that WORK," says the staff at Hubbard Feeds. For questions and/or comments, go to: or visit