Hubbard Feeds has two new products for the pork industry. Kick It Up Sow TopDress is a palatable, nutrient-dense feed top-dress designed to be used in lactation when feed intake is low. It contains intake enhancers and a blend of proteins, energy and vitamin E to stimulate intake and provide extra nutrient fortification. In addition, a blend of gut-enhancement products helps improve the gut environment.

It is designed to be used when sows are off-feed, with gilts on their first lactation, after farrowing when feed intake is low, with under-conditioned sows and during hot weather when intake is diminished. Kick It Up Sow TopDress can be used at the rate of 1.0 pound per head daily with the lactation diet.

Grazix-F is a next-generation, natural flavoring solution for livestock that supports animal hydration and health. It incorporates Reactive Plant Immunity (RPI), a multi-component technology found in living plants.

This product can be used for piglets, when reduced activity prevents them from nursing and makes them susceptible to dehydration, and with nursery pigs, when scours or low-water intake increases their chances of dehydration. This product is manufactured in the United States by LiveLeaf, Inc.

For more information and directions for use on both of these products, go to or call 1.800.869.7219.