HAMLET PROTEIN is doubling the capacity of its U.S. production plant to meet global demand for high-quality soy proteins for specialty feed. By fall of 2014, the plant’s second processing line is scheduled to go into operation, serving HAMLET PROTEIN customers in North America and worldwide.

The investment is a response to rapidly developing sales of HAMLET PROTEIN’s nutritional soy protein ingredients, which are currently produced in Horsens, Denmark and Findlay, Ohio.

Growing need for specialty proteins
Over the past four years, the company has experienced a significant increase in demand for quality proteins that optimize nutritional uptake from feed and support healthy young animal growth.

Improved security of supply
“The rise in global food demand has created an urgent need for more efficient animal production. This, in turn, has pushed up demand for consistent supplies of quality protein, a trend that has drawn more attention to our strong value proposition. As a result, we are experiencing substantial sales growth across our product range,” says Chief Commercial Officer Søren Bank. “Once our extra processing line is in place, we will not only offer higher volumes but also improved flexibility of supply for customers globally.”

New market penetration
HAMLET PROTEIN commenced production at the U.S. plant in early 2012. Since then, sales growth has extended far beyond North America to South America and Asia.

“We target emerging markets where industrial meat production brings greater demands for quality and efficiency,” Bank states.

The new processing line will be installed in the existing factory building in Findlay. For more information, contact Mark Newcomb: 612.202.3592.