In tandem with Food Day, on Oct. 24, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) rolled out a new video that it says is intended “to inspire people of all ages to consider where their food comes from.”  However, the focus is on is children, as A Pig's Tail presents “a pig’s perspective of factory farming,” according to HSUS.

Christine Gutleben, HSUS’s senior director of Faith Outreach, explains, “Most children are captivated by animals and have the potential to care about how they are treated. Through this film, they will see farm animals as creatures capable of suffering and farm workers as often caught up in an abusive system along with the animals.” To view the film, click here.

Beyond the film, HSUS provides parents and teachers with lesson plans that they can use after viewing the video to discuss various issues.

The animated film, created by Academy Award-winning Aardman Studios, runs just over four minutes. As outlined on HSUS’ website, the film’s funding came from Steven C. Leuthold Family Foundation, to “expose the problems with industrial agriculture and educate about more humane ways of farming.”

Steven Delopoulos, who provided original music for the film said he wanted to be involved because, “When you see how some animals are raised and how badly their short existence is just to be a product on the shelf, well, I felt called to be of service. The importance is in the awareness. Hopefully, the next couple generations will be more active in fixing the mistakes we've made.”

Catherine Taber, who provided her voice to the film, says she wants the takeaway message to be, “The film shows kids that there are great ways to farm and there are not such great ways to farm. There are great ways to get your food and not such great ways to get your food. Kids might come away asking, ‘Are we thinking about where we’re getting the food that comes into the house?’ It could be a conversation starter for the entire family to have an honest talk about it and to understand that our choices matter.”