As the grilling season heats up, the Pork Checkoff again is promoting how easy it is to grill tender, juicy pork chops through the Grill It Like A SteakSM integrated marketing campaign.

“We saw tremendous success with the Grill It Like A Steak message last summer,” said Karen Richter, president of the National Pork Board and a pork producer from Montgomery, Minn. “Building on the successful campaign is important as we continue to educate consumers about the new pork chop cut names and how to cook them to be juicy and tender.”

The marketing campaign promotes a range of doneness for pork, telling consumers that if they love their pork medium rare, they should cook it to an internal temperature of 145 degrees (followed by a three-minute rest). If they like their chops a little more done, they can cook them to an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

“We want to remind consumers that if you grill pork like a steak, you end up with a tender, juicy product that offers great taste and flavor,” Richter said.

National TV Ads Airing Now
The Pork Be inspired® national TV advertising campaign that began in April and continues through July is on popular cable TV networks, such as Food Network, Cooking Channel, History, USA, HGTV and AMC.

“The 15- and 30-second TV ads capture ‘slices of life’ with people enjoying pork with family and friends,” said Laurie Bever, director of consumer advertising for the Pork Checkoff.

Pork advertisements are also running this year in Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Taste of Home and other popular magazines.

Who’s America’s Top #ChopGriller?
This grilling season, the Pork Checkoff is challenging grillers to share their secret about what makes their chop pop. Fans can visit, choose their favorite pork chop (porterhouse, ribeye bone-in, ribeye boneless or New York) and submit a mouthwatering 140-characterentry describing what makes their pork chop No. 1.

“Contests like this are a great way to connect with consumers and increase awareness and consumer demand for pork while underscoring its versatility,” said David Newman, chair of the Checkoff Domestic Marketing Committee and a pork producer from Fargo, N.D. “The contest also increases pork’s online presence, helping to win more pork fans.”

Consumers can vote online at through June 13 on the eight finalists. The winner will be awarded a $15,000 backyard makeover, a summer of free pork and the honor of being named America’s Top #ChopGriller.

Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe, author of the recently released Pork Chop cookbook, lent his expertise, narrowing the field to eight finalists.