Despite higher retail meat prices, pork remains a tremendous value, says Jarrod Sutton, National Pork Board’s (NPB) assistant vice president of channel marketing. Sutton made the comments in a recent interview with Mike Adams, AgriTalk Radio host.

Pork benefits because of consumers’ changing buying habits, Sutton says. He cites recent promotions by Quiznos and Subway retail restaurant chains featuring pulled pork that have led consumers to purchase more pork from the meat case. “When foodservice provides that influence, it translates directly to the meat case,” Sutton said.

In addition, bacon sales are still sizzling. Due to bacon’s flavor and versatility, it has developed a “cult-like following,” Sutton says.

Sutton said that higher meat prices are causing consumers to try new cuts and explore alternatives in meat selection and that pork is capitalizing on the trend. “Pork offers that delicious, good eating experience at an affordable price.”