While food manufacturers across the globe say product safety is a top business priority, consumers say they can to better to earn their confidence. A new international study, "Navigating the Product Mindset," conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), explores the connections and contradictions between consumers’ perceptions and those of food manufacturers, reports Meatpoultry.com.

The specific issues addressed included safety, innovation, performance and sustainability. The study involved consumers and manufacturers in China, India, Germany and the United States. It looked at more then the food sector and included industries in high tech, building materials and household chemicals.

MeatPoultry.com points out some additional insights from the study:
• Consumers feel food manufacturers can do a better job testing food products and fresh foods especially.
• Consumers are mostly concerned about contracting foodborne illness, exposure to unsafe chemical additives and unsanitary conditions.
• Food manufacturers agree that consumers are becoming more empowered.
• Manufacturers say it is their job to communicate product safety information, but consumers find it difficult to locate that information.

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Additional information about UL and the study may be found here.
Source: MeatPoultry.com