While some people may not get a chuckle out of the ongoing debate between agriculture producers and animal rights groups, a recent news expose on The Daily Show with John Stewart found a way to coax laughter out of the grim circumstances.

On Comedy Central’s late night satirical news show a story ran featuring both perspectives of the fight over agriculture protection laws, better known in the mainstream media as “ag-gag” legislation.

The segment’s title, “Blowing the Whistle on Whistleblowers,” more or less tells the story behind this hot button issue. Al Madrigal, the reporter on assignment, pushed the buttons of both sides of the aisle by poking fun at the paradox of "protecting the animals from the people that are trying to protect the animals" and eating a bucket of chicken next to an animal rights activist.

Emily Meredith, the communications director for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, was interviewed by Madrigal. During Meredith’s portion of the news segment she stated that the videos posted by animal rights groups are really about fundraising.

Animal rights activist Jimmy “Cody” Carlson also sat in to tell his point of view on farm protection laws. Carlson is a former undercover investigator for Mercy For Animals and the Humane Society of the United States. Had any of these bills been put into place in the states where Carlson had filmed, he would likely be sitting in prison rather than on a fake cable news show.

Carlson pointed out that the current “standard practices” of tail docking and dehorning may not be the right thing for animals.

But Madrigal wasn’t convinced.

“I think I speak for the majority of American’s when I say I don’t want to know,” related Madrigal to the animal rights activist.

Madrigal ended his segment by sitting down and feeding snack food to a pig in an interview situation.

“What do Americans really want? Cheap hot meat, no matter how we get it,” said Madrigal.