The farrow-to-finish margin finished the week ending Nov. 22, 2013, at $25.44. This is compared to negative $21.37 the previous week and negative $9.88 one month ago.

At this time last year, the farrow-to-finish margin was negative $41.65, according to the Sterling Pork Profit Tracker. Lean hogs were down $2.47 to $80.10 compared to $82.57 the previous week, $88.46 one month ago and $77.18 one year ago.

Feed costs decreased nearly $4 to $84.89 last week, and total costs were down $4 last week to $141.34.

Packer margins increased last week, finishing the week ending November 22 at $20.90 compared to $15.48 the previous week and $5.34 one month ago. The pork cutout stayed steady last week, finishing at $93.34 for two consecutive weeks.

The Sterling Pork Profit Tracker for the week ending November 22:                                          

  • Average farrow-to-finish margins: -$25.44 per head.
  • Average pork packer margins: $20.90 per head.

The Sterling Beef and Pork Profit Trackers are produced by Sterling Marketing Inc. and John Nalivka, president, Vale, Ore., and are published weekly by Drovers/CattleNetwork, and PorkNetwork.