We have all heard the expression “love at first sight,” but what about “love at first (dating) site?”

Dave knew from the moment that he ended his first phone conversation with Alicia that she was the woman he would marry. Alicia was the first person he met on FarmersOnly.com, a dating site for farmers, ranchers and country folks. And FarmersOnly was the first and only site he joined.

FarmersOnly.com was founded in 2005 by Jerry Miller, an advertising executive in the agriculture industry. Miller’s close friend, a farmer, could not relate to the people on mainstream dating sites and was about to give up on finding love. Miller recognized that this problem was true for farmers all across the country. FarmersOnly.com now boasts over 1 million users. Its tagline is “City folks just don’t get it!”

A college graduate with a degree in agriculture, Dave is a full-time produce farmer from Western Pennsylvania. He is now a partner in a fourth-generation family farm and lives in a small town with barely 1,000 people. Despite the farm’s proximity to Pittsburgh, Dave found it hard to date anyone from the city.

“Every girl I dated did not understand my lifestyle, my hours, or my work,” says Dave. As anyone in agriculture knows, farmers work from dawn until dusk(or longer!) every day, and for most of them, farming is not just their livelihood. It’s their way of life. It's a crucial part of their values: hard work, integrity, serving the needs of others, and staying connected to the land.

Late one night, after another exhausting and fulfilling day of work on the farm, Dave saw a commercial for FarmersOnly.com. “It just blew my mind! I never would have thought there would be a dating site for farmers. I told myself, ‘I’ve got to check this out!’”

Alicia is a farmer’s daughter, and was raised on a beef, hog and grain farm in a small town in Southern Ohio. After graduating from college, she returned home to obtain a degree in Nursing.  “I was faced with the fact that I was moving back home, and back home dating was an absolute nightmare. The pool was very small, but I did want to marry a farmer. I went to Google and typed in ‘I want to date a farmer’. I found FarmersOnly and I joined. It was that simple.”

A few days later, Alicia received a flirt: “You have a great profile.” It was from Dave.

Fast-forward to April 2013, when Dave finally popped the big question. The two were married this January.

Dave and Alicia join the growing community of farmers, ranchers and country folks who have found love on FarmersOnly in small towns all across the United States. According to the FarmersOnly.com blog, where many more similar success stories are posted, FarmersOnly is now responsible for more than two marriages every week of the year.