Fair Oaks Farms is one of the country’s leading agri-tourism stop, and in addition to opening their farrowing barn doors to hundreds of tourists on a daily basis, employees with Belstra Milling Co. also have created videos to demonstrate their daily operations to not only show but explain modern pork production to these broad audiences.

Last August, Fair Oaks partnered with hog producer Belstra Milling Co. to add the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure.

Rita Jane Gabbett with Meatingplace explains in article here, three videos show pig insemination, checking sows for pregnancy with portable ultrasound and newborn piglets.

Click here to read more from Meatingplace or watch the videos below.

Fair Oaks recently broke ground on a the Pork Education Center to complement The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms and further tell the story of modern pork production. Click here to learn more.