"While the overall job picture may not be good, there are plenty of good opportunities in the pork industry for those who have the right skills," says Jim Lummus, learning and performance manager with the National Pork Board.

To better understand the employment and employee climate in the U.S. pork industry, NPB has selected AgCareers.com to assist with research to evaluate current salaries and benefits. The National Pork Checkoff will fund the project.

Among the goals is to collect real-world data that proves not only that the pork industry offers job opportunities, but that the jobs are rewarding in many ways, including financially.

"We want to get the word out that working in the pork industry can offer a rewarding career,” Lumus says.

The pork industry survey will be modeled after AgCareers.com's salary and human resources benchmark surveys. It will target large- and mid-sized production systems within the United States. The focus will be on compensation packages, so the information will include salary and benefit ranges for various levels of production and production-support positions. The survey will benchmark typical benefits that employers offer as well as their human resources practices.

"The ultimate goal is to provide an additional tool to elevate the image of pork industry careers, and therefore the level of talent entering the workforce," he adds. With an aging population in the United States in general and agriculture, specifically, the competition for jobs will only intensify in the years ahead. Too often young people beginning a career look past agriculture due to the perceived limitations. Such research can dispel those myths as well as flag issues that need to be corrected.

Lumus points out that Alltech has provided additional support for the project. 

"AgCareers.com is pleased to have been selected to collaborate on this project with the National Pork Board," says Eric Spell, AgCareers.com president. "We have a passion for helping the industry attract and retain bright talent."

AgCareers.com has already started contacting producers to collect data. If you are willing to participate in the survey, which will ensure that you receive a copy of the results, send an e-mail to compensation@agcareers.com.

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Source: NPB