The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it is requesting public nominations of scientific experts for appointment to EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee.  The primary purpose of this new committee is to review chemical assessments.  

The National Pork Producers Council has submitted comments to the EPA on nominees for the SAB that will work on the National Air Emissions Monitoring Study (NAEMS) data. In September, NPPC nominated 14 candidates to the board, which will review the data submitted by Purdue University as part of the NAEMS.

EPA intends to convene the board in early 2012 and hold a series of meetings to explore how the agency will interpret the data collected as part of NAEMS and to consider the methodological approach to utilize as it converts the data into useable emission factors. Those factors will be used to help producers determine their compliance with federal clean air laws.

The exact number for new committee members has not yet been determined.  EPA will also consult with the committee on questions regarding the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Program. This action continues the agency’s efforts to further strengthen the IRIS program.  IRIS is a publicly available online database that provides high quality science-based human health assessments used to inform the agency’s decisions on protecting public health and the environment.

“Science is the cornerstone of the EPA’s work, and ensuring the highest standards of scientific integrity and credibility is an ongoing priority for EPA and the IRIS Program,” said Paul Anastas, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Research and Development.  “EPA plans to request advice from the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee on a variety of issues, including how we implement recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences related to the development of IRIS assessments.”

In July 2011, EPA announced plans to improve IRIS as part of an ongoing effort initiated in 2009 to strengthen the IRIS program.  The announcement is a demonstration of the EPA’s commitment to scientific integrity.

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