U.S. companies exported 453 million pounds of pork to foreign destinations in November, almost 3 percent below a year ago.  Lower exports are largely attributable to generalized weakness in important Asian markets. 

November exports to Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines were all year-over-year lower in November.  While China/Hong Kong was the third largest foreign market in November, shipments to China (42 million pounds) were almost 11 percent below a year ago.  Larger shipments to Hong-Kong (15 million pounds) helped to boost China/Hong Kong into the third position, ahead of the recent occupant of the position, Canada.  Shipments to Canada were more than 9 percent below a year ago.  Mexico was the largest foreign market in November. 

In fact, Mexico’s November purchases of U.S. pork represented the highest volume ever shipped to Mexico.  The 10 largest foreign markets for U.S. exported pork in November are listed below.