Scouts touring fields on one leg of the Pro Farmer crop tour were disappointed with soybeans seen in Nebraska this week.

The consensus of the group of scouts was disappointment that better soybean numbers were not observed in the irrigated fields surveyed.

"The beans are the story so far," said a tour scout and farmer from southern Minn.

The crop has good vegetation and tall stands, but the pods are not there, he added.

Scouts estimated an average of 1,480 soybean pods per three-foot-by-three-foot square, based on surveys of 6-fields.

The corn was healthy, with the yields corresponding with USDA's cut in the state's yield.

The common theme seen across the state is some damage from hail and heat stress during its reproductive stage in non irrigated fields.

The average estimated yield for the corn crops surveyed was 154 bushels an acre.

The group of scouts headed east from Grand Island across Nebraska. passing through Polk, Butler, Hampton and Saunders counties of the state, taking 6 samples of corn and soybeans as of late morning.

In August, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated 2011 Nebraska corn production at 1.602 billion bushels with a yield of 166 bushels per acre. 2010 Nebraska soybean production was estimated at 244 million bushels with a yield of 52 bushels per acre.

Crop scouts were carefully looking for signs of stress amid dryness in northeast and southeast Nebraska, as the lack of moisture during the corn crops key reproductive stage of development is not good for filling out corn ears or yield potential, said Chip Flory, editor Pro Farmer Newsletter and director of the western leg of the tour

The western leg of the tour will gather in Nebraska City, Nebraska Tuesday evening to compare notes, calculate yields and discuss overall trends seen. Pro Farmer will issue its estimate of Nebraska corn yields and average soybean pod counts at the gathering.

Pro Farmer will issue corn and soy crop estimates Friday based partly on results from the tours.