Cherry, IL- As part of the systems approach to managing all phases of food production, Nutrient Management Specialists is introducing products that have applications in accelerating carcass composting, including bone reduction. Foam control and odor reduction in pits and lagoons, is also addressed for nutrient stabilization and solids breakdown before soil application.  

Additional products help detoxify the soils, and stabilize heavy metals for remediation as they work to keep nitrogen bonded to the soil and from entering streams and wells.  Residue management returns nutrients that are readily available to the new crop and expose diseases over the winter.  Starters and foliar products are available either liquid or dry.

Improvement in soil structure starts rounding out the job of “increasing the size of the fuel holding tank” that will be necessary to keep up with increased food demand.  Each phase is dedicated to re-establishing humus, increasing water holding capacity, and growing healthy crops and livestock.

Young animals have shown increased iron with reports of reduction in diarrhea from the inclusion of anti-oxidants and micronutrients to stimulate microbial activity.

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